As both a curator and artist Oliver is familiar with many dimensions of what it takes to produce sophisticated artwork.  So when other artists come ask him for assistance he is frequently happy to help them accomplish something exciting.  This work is typically executed through Oliver’s art laboratory “Aperiodic Industries.”

Below is a list of some behind the scenes production work…


Come Pat A Bull debuted at the Berlin Kulturepark, I co-designed and engineered it with Jen Silbert, Lauren Silbert, Suzanne Dikker, Oliver Hess, Matthias Oostrik

Designed stage for Get To Nomi a new wave opera at LAMAMA in NY


LED lightspace design and programming for Dirty Projectors The Gun Has No Trigger.

Series of workshops at Aperiodic Industries to make Weeble Props filled with Gak for Survival Research Labs show at eXtreme Futures Fest.


Heartbeat Sensor, created prototype electronics and sensor interface and design for Heartbeat Sasaki performance at Venice Bienalle, produced final piece with David Casey

Worked on crew to staple animal parts together as props for the presentation of Mark Pauline’s first sculpture which was renovated  for a show atMOCA.


Reef, created prototype electronics and programming for Rob Ley and Joshua Stein, shape memory alloy, arduino, multiplexers.


Liquid Sky, designed and engineered dump buckets and disco lighting sequencer controlled water sprinklers for Ball Nogues studio’s PS1 installation.


Breathing Wall, built electrical mechanical system + programming for aperature of Jakob + Macfarlane designed installation.


Not A Cornfield Blue Phase,  in collaboration with Lauren Bon, Jenna Didier, Scott Froschauer, and Marcos Lutyens.  Various design for select parts of Lauren Bon’s epic art project Not A Cornfield

Dog Fights, television pilot for Radical 3d.  Animated some of the most exciting shots with Wayne England, from archival footage and pilots stories.


Idiocracy, did dynamics simulation and modeling of trash mountain opening scenes (the cool looking ones) which are also used for the dvd menus.

Cychopolis, worked with Marcos Lutyens and Daniela Frogheri to produce a mechanism for illustrating the psychosensorial cartography of the city of Cagliari Sardinia.  It was displayed at the IMAGE festival in Florence Italy.

Talk Shows on Mute, Incubus music video by Floria Sigismondi, I made the animated retro LED suit for the talk show host from a vintage suit.


Megalomaniac, Incubus music video by Floria Sigismondi.  I did the propaganda design and played the propagandist (see me without a beard!)

Molly’s Chambers, Kings of Leon music video which I did the animation with Wayne England and Jarrett Smith using Derivative Touch and projected live for filming.


Many assorted projects working in visual effects and developing various technologies

SFMOMA groundbreaking (my first volunteer experience, Survival Research Labs)

Robocop 2 (first film I worked on (production assistant, visual effects at phil tippett studios))

BART (first web site I worked on (programmer/designer html/asp/sql/perl, 7th generation internet design))

Seablade (first video game I worked on (level designer and particle systems, VSI))