Secular Spiritual Technology

frame capture from stereo video © 2016 chouAdmin. All rights reserved. A series of virtual reality guided meditations available on Patreon.  At its broadest level this is an exploration of the variety of platforms currently available to communicate spatial content.  Stereo equirectangular panoramas on youTube which are visible on all … Continue reading

Iron Age Estates

iron age estates © 2014 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

Both a concept and a construction this is a billboard constructed in the desert to advertise a future construction project on the site.  Click to see full size to learn about the modern and historic amenities to be included at the … Continue reading


nv88-1972-1 © 2013 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

NV88 is a temporary airport that is pulled from 2 shipping containers, assembled, used for a month and then packed back up for the rest of the year.  It sits in an incredibly extreme environment and must also be fun. … Continue reading

Another Look

Another Look composite © 2012 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

A proposal for the the Rowland Heights Community Center which Didier Hess was short listed to create a proposal for in 2012 create 5 telescopes similar to those found at landmarks and national parks, but when you look through them … Continue reading

Green Flash

concept render by Oliver Hess © 2011 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

In 2011 I created a concept upon being short listed to design an artwork for a parking structure.  The piece was designed to take light from the sun as it set and direct it through solar tubes to the other … Continue reading

Terrain Vague

TerrainVague_render1 © 2010 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

A permanent land art installation for the city of Denver with Jenna Didier that incorporates fog and compressed air to play with one’s perception of space and emphasize the sky and its ever-varying qualities of light. The piece is a … Continue reading

Azora to Zog

Azora to Zog render open © 2009 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

December 2009 proposal for gateway to the libbey bowl outdoor theater in ojai ca.  The name is derived from the catalog of cut glass products made by the libbey glass company.  The idea was to create a gateway which appears … Continue reading

Ecotones – articulated palms

ecotones growth 4 © 2009 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

Produced for an invitation to design sculptures for 2 round-abouts in Santa Cruz.  The idea of this project was to move these pots in relationship to climate changes, the trees would then grow to record trends in the climate

Hacienda Heights

render by oliver hess © 2009 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

This concept for the Hacienda Heights community center was based on Oliver being struck upon exploring the site and seeing nearly a dozen plastic playground sets which were all apparently slated to be destroyed when the site was upgraded.  He … Continue reading

Bosa Whirl

whirl-comp-01a © 2008 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

There are about 2 linear blocks of pergola structure on the west side of the san diego union station.  Beside that another smaller pergola welcomes people who want to cut through from the tracks to the coast.  Passing through a … Continue reading