Oliver enjoys public discussion of his work to maintain a healthy conversation during the development of ideas and to debate other people struggling with similar concepts and theories.


Spoke at Dorkbot SF and presented preview of Wilmington Waves maintenance manual

Art + Science panel at the Silicon Valley contemporary art fair


Oliver spoke at the UCSB Media Art and Technology department.

Oliver gave a presentation at the Design Department of CSU Long Beach

Did a Petcha Kucha at De Lab for the Los Angeles Design Festival over Ping Pong 


Oliver speaks and participates in panel called Art in the Public Realm at The 100th annual College Art Association conference.

Spoke at Supper Studio at UCLA Architecture Department and they made chilies nogales!

Oliver speaks on panel for Subterraneans show at TAM.

Gave presentation for On The Uneasy Earth for COTE and AIA LA


Oliver speaks at AfterImage with Doris Sung and Jenna Didier about the Bloom installation at MAK center

Public Art and Placemaking for LA Design Festival: with Andre Dekkar Geoff Manauh and Edward Lifson.

Grasshopper Design and Sheet Metal Forming workshops for M&A workshop series. Each workshop was designed to feed into larger design build projects.

Matterapp: Mod Jewel workshop for M&A summer surmon series and TED Active presentation.



Oliver speaks at Studio for Urban Projects in San Francisco with Jenna Didier to talk about aquaculture and urban farming experiments

Oliver speaks at Actions, conversations and intersections at LA municipal Art Gallery with Jenna Didier.

Oliver speak at Art in the field at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions with Jenna Didier and discuss their work at EATLACMA curated by Fallen Fruit at LACMA.

Matterapp: Extraterritorial Build workshops for M&A to develop bamboo fabric tension installation.


Oliver is a TEDfellow and gives 2 presentations at TED one on his work and another on evolutionary structural engineering and thin shell structural experiments.

Oliver speaks with Jenna Didier and produces lecture series: efficient, see for Art Center MDP

Oliver presents his Failure File with Jenna Didier for big city forum

Matterapp: Back to Basics workshops for M&A to develop community design build of aquaponic farming and string figured shade structure.


Oliver and Jenna Didier speak at LA/IP project and show Oliver’s new presentation The Failure File.


Oliver speaks with Jenna Didier at Pliant Prefab at Pasadena City College

Oliver presents garden of forking paths with Jenna Didier for farmlab salon

Oliver presents Garden of Forking Paths with Jenna Didier at Cal Poly Pomona Architecture


Oliver presents with Jenna Didier at Progressive Design Symposium at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in AZ and present research results from M&A.

Oliver speaks at the architecture group of MIT department of architecture with Jenna Didier, organized by Neri Oxman.

Oliver speaks smart gals speakeasy with Jenna Didier about their work at Materials & Applications in the basement of a church in Los Filez.

Oliver speak at Out There Doing It  with Jenna Didier for LA Forum at MAK center


Invisible College, Oliver speaks with Marcos Lutyens about their artwork that explores synthesia.


Tranzlab lecture and discussion about procedural animation hosted by Marcos Lutyens at the Electronic Orphanage.