Most of Oliver’s work involves very large time scales and tremendous amounts of research and development which when possible are shared incrementally with the public through exhibitions in art galleries.


Spectacular Subdivision, curated by Jay Lizo for High Desert Test Sites and Monte Vista Projects, I did a billboard for a future apartment complex.


A Point of View of a Cat a show at Animatron for which I made a Cat Vision machine which turned out great.


Dream Cabinet for Subterraneans show at Torrance Art Museum Sept 22 – Nov 3


Geometric Ritual One with Carolina Trigo for Fugitive Insides at Las Cienegas Projects April 9th – May 7th

various work for JB Blunk Residency Benefit at Triple Base May 4-15


Live Forever Prototype for Grow at Morno Kiang  June 26 – August 21 (catalog)

Cosmic Ejecta for Room Mobile at See Line Gallery  May 20 – July 9


Ukendt Beach skeletonized for On the Shoulders of Davids at Jaus September 11 to October 24,

Node Incubations at Shangri La at 18th st Art Center  February 7 – March 27,  (catalog)  with Jenna Didier


Amazing Mental Scope at East of Eden, with Marcos Lutyens and Jenna Didier, Los Angeles Sept 20th

Amazing Mental Scope at Terra-Byte 3, with Marcos Lutyens and Jenna Didier,  LA Arboretum Sept 14th

Amazing Mental Scope with Marcos Lutyens and Jenna Didier for GLOW


Skinplant with Marcos Lutyens at NewTown Skin show

Sputnik Dinner with Joshua Gil , Tenzin Phuntsog, Jenna Didier and Marcos Lutyens, an experimental meal and party at Materials & Applications.


First Supper with Sarah Beadle and Jenna Didier, experimental meal First Supper. M&A, Los Angeles, California.

Shade with LA Needle Exchange and Jenna Didier for Garden Lab summer 2004 curated by Fritz Haeg