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Tesla’s Ghost

The Redondo Steam Plant’s interior far wall was illuminated with the rippling reflective surface of a vertical expanse of simulated water. The ocean just several yards away was invited into the plant – to join with electricity in the form of light and dance with visitors. The caustic patterns of light on the far wall pulled the visitor from one end of the Turbine Platform to the other and upon their arrival, began to respond to their position and movement

Tesla’s Ghost is the personification of electric light. The visitor experiences the light as a presence upon the bare wall of the turbine room that intensifies as they approach the balcony and seems to follow them as they move through the space. If several people gather along the balcony, the entire wall becomes illuminated and agitated as more people trigger the lights in response to their presence.
This project was created by several high intensity lights and turbo fans at the base of the wall–tucked out of view–that shined upon an expanse of mylar supported and tilted towards the wall.

California 2005

A collaboration of Oliver Hess, Jenna Didier, and Jimu Okumura