Learning The Ropes workshops

Learning The Ropes…

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Please come help design and create a new rope installation or the Ovation awards* stage!
This project, like many installations we have built in the past, will start with a series of workshops.   First we will learn about rigging for stage, rope handling, and knots.  Then we will build models and test materials as we develop full sized prototypes.  On the last day we will build the performance rigs to be mounted on stage and performed by volunteers. The goal is to build something that that hovers some place between geometric optical illusion and constantly metamorphosing phenomena. Imagine a theater of painted ropes, dancing in pre-inscribed mechanically programmed choreography that we as a group work out through models.   None of us really know how to do this, but that’s where things get interesting! Between everyone’s skills, interests and elbow grease it will be amazing.
More people = better ideas = more fun.
Sunday, September 22, 7PM – 10PM: rigging / knots / rope handling
Sunday, October 6, 7PM – 10PM: geometric and physical modeling based on ropes
Sunday, October 20, 7PM – 10PM: full scale prototyping
To participate, RSVP to [email protected].  This is a free event, drinks and snacks to be served.
Aperiodic Industries is at 2558 N San Fernando Rd Suite B44 Los  Angeles, California 90065
*the Ovation awards are presented by the Los Angeles Stage Alliance. The awards show to honor the best in Los Angeles theater will include a large scale musical performance by String Theory and an exciting sculpture by all of us!