Secular Spiritual Technology

frame capture from stereo video © 2016 chouAdmin. All rights reserved. A series of virtual reality guided meditations available on Patreon.  At its broadest level this is an exploration of the variety of platforms currently available to communicate spatial content.  Stereo equirectangular panoramas on youTube which are visible on all … Continue reading

LA Pergolas

la street day © 2015 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

Two sculptures in downtown LA, in construction now! Follow construction progress on Aperiodic Industries page. Los Angeles, CA   Pedestrians traversing the 101 on their way to or from Union Station or the El Pueblo Historical Monument and world famous Olvera … Continue reading

Iron Age Estates

iron age estates © 2014 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

Both a concept and a construction this is a billboard constructed in the desert to advertise a future construction project on the site.  Click to see full size to learn about the modern and historic amenities to be included at the … Continue reading

Wilmington Waves

wilmington waves © 2014 chouAdmin. All rights reserved.

This permanent artwork conceptualized with I was part of the design partnership of Didier Hess is for the Wilmington Waterfront Development as part of their Buffer Park project.  This piece will illuminate the pedestrian bridges that run along the buffer … Continue reading